Our own ranges

High quality products for your pets

We stock a large range of our own hypo-allergenic, wheat and wheat gluten free cat and dog products for sale. There are three different ranges for both Cats and Dogs. Our Super Premium range offers a rich, nutritious, complete dog or cat food providing all the essential vitamins and minerals to maintain the health and vitality of your pet. The Grain Free range has a minimum of 26% freshly prepared meat for dogs and 35% freshly prepared meat for cats with no added grain, artificial colours or preservatives. Our Naturals range contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives or dairy, soya, beef, pork, eggs wheat or wheat gluten.

We also have a range of feeds available for Aviary, Poultry and Wild Birds, Pond Fish, and Rabbits.

Plus…take a look at our everything else page! We have not included everything that we stock on this website but have selected some of the most popular items we sell…please contact the shop to see what is new, on offer or can order in for you.


Our own ranges cover Kittens to Senior cats. Click the cat for more information.

Aviary & Wild Birds

We stock a  large range of aviary and wild bird feeds and treats. Click on the bird for more information.

Pond Fish

Full range of Pond Pellets and Sticks and for the colder months Wheatgerm. Click on the fish for more information.


Catering from Puppies to Seniors and everything in between. Click the dog for more information.

Everything Else!

If you have not found what your looking for it could possibly be in here!


We have our own range of Complete Rabbit Pellets.