Johnsons Diagel Granules Small And Medium Dogs


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Johnsons Diagel Granules Small And Medium Dogs

A dual action aid for digestive disorders.
Helps with loose bowel movement and help to soften solid stools.

The granules are water absorbing nutritional fibres which on digestion swell to form a soft gel which works in 2 different ways:

  • For Loose Bowel Movement
    • When ingested the gel absorbs excess moisture, reducing the liquid content of faeces and providing a structure for more firmer stool formation, aiding a return to normal bowel movement
  • For Solid Stools
    • When ingested, the gel acts as a lubricant in the gut to help soften solid stools and assist elimination.

Diagel also contains essential vitamins and minerals to help to restore the balance of electrolytes, glucose, vitamins and minerals during recovery from digestive disorders.

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