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The Pet Food Shop was established in 1971 by a local family, and has been in Station Approach since 1986. The basic principles have not changed over the last 45 years of trading. We stock what customers want and when customers want it, ranging from quality foods to accessories. In addition every attempt will be made to acquire any product required by customers but not stocked, which is usually available within a few days as we have multiple deliveries from our wholesalers per week. Our main wholesaler is Vital Pet Products – they have a range of over 24,500 products. Just click their name to visit their site and see their full product ranges, all of which we can supply. The Pet Food Shop is located on Station Approach in Heathfield, East Sussex which makes it nice and easy for loading large sacks, dog beds, rabbit hutches, etc as there is plenty of on-street parking.  

The Pet Food Shop in Heathfield caters for a variety of different pets by stocking a wide range of feeds, dry, wet, frozen including BARF and live food for reptiles e.g. crickets, locusts & mealworms, accessories, toys, coats, training aids and bedding materials and if we do not stock it we will order it for you (subject to wholesalers stock list). We also cater for all species of birds, caged, wild or poultry and some wildlife, reptiles, hedgehogs, etc. We stock a large variety of wild bird seeds and treats, feeders, bird boxes and can order in larger items such as bird tables and feeding stations all year round. Telephone/email orders are welcome (payment required when order is placed).

If you have any questions the staff at The Pet Food Shop, Heathfield, are always on hand should you need any advice – why not pop in or call us on 01435 864652. Remember we can deliver – see our delivery page.

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