Natural Beef Treats



Natural Beef Treats. We have a variety of natural beef treats. These make great chews for your dogs and are 100% natural too.

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Beef Knuckle Bone, Postman Leg, Cow Hooves – Single, Cow Hooves – 30 Pack, Sheep Fat Filled Hooves, Beef Collagen Stick – Small, Beef Collagen Stick – Large, Beef Ears with Hair, Beef Tails 250g, Beef Tendons 250g, Braided Beef Gullet 100g, Pizzles – Single, Pizzles – 1kg, Golden Moonbone – Single, Natural Beef Twists, Rolled Beef 200g, Filled Beef Rolls, Cow Udder 100g, Paddywack 200g, Paddywack 2kg, Puffed Jerky 100g, Pizzle Fillet 2pk, Filled Beef Gullet, Air Dried Beef Gullet 1kg, Air Dried Beef Gullet – Single, Air Dried Beef Headskin Plate with Hair 1kg, Air Dried Beef Headskin Plate with Hair – Single, Air Dried Marrow Bone 1kg, Air Dried Marrow Bone – Single, Beef Straws 15cm, Beef Tails – Single, Twisted Pizzle – Single


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