Vitalin Ferret Food 2kg


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Vitalin Ferret Food 2kg

Is a nutritionally complete balanced premium ferret food in an extruded kibble, and does not require any additional meat or supplements. Vitalin Ferret is made with over 40% meat, including prime fresh chicken & premium chicken meat meal for maximum palatability and digestibility.  As carnivores, it is essential that ferrets digest high levels of meat to provide the necessary proteins they require. Whole cooked rice is also included as an excellent  source of natural carbohydrate.  Vitalin Ferret contains high levels of antioxidant vitamins and minerals, including beta carotene, vitamin C, copper and organic selenium to aid immunity and optimise fertility.

Carefully balanced levels of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D help promote strong teeth and bones, while the high levels of B-vitamins and taurine boost metabolism and deliver excellent energy provision.  High levels of Omega 3 fatty acids give excellent skin and coat condition whilst yucca extract helps to minimise unwanted odours.

Vitalin Ferret also includes Prebiotic FOS (fructo-oligosaccarides) to promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria and thereby improves digestion. Contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Fresh Chicken and Chicken Meat Meal, Whole Rice, Herring Meal, Whole Egg,
Chicken Liver & Sugar Beet, Vitamins & Minerals.


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