Ancol Nylon Check Chain Collar



Ancol Nylon Check Chain Collar

With durable nylon and sturdy welded chain to make a combination collar with check-chain properties
With an adjuster for a snug fit
Perfect for long-haired dogs, the looser fit can prevent kinks in the coat

Available in size 1-2(25-35x1cm), 2-4 (35-45×1.2cm), 4-7 (45-60×1.9cm), 5-9 (50-70×1.9cm), and 7-10 (55-75×2.5cm).

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

2-4 (35-45×1.2cm), 5-9 (50-70×1.9cm), 7-10 (55-75×2.5cm)


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