Ancol Timberwolf Leather Collar



Ancol Timberwolf Leather Collar

The Ancol Timberwolf Leather Collars are made using top-grain bridle leather in the UK.

Leather collars should not be saturated with water. If the collar becomes saturated, allow it to air-dry naturally and do not use heat to speed the drying process.

Available in size 1 (20-26cm), 2 (26-31cm), 3 (28-36cm), 4 (35-43cm), 5 (39-48cm), 6 (45-54cm), 7 (50-59cm), and 8 (55-63cm).
Available in multiple colours: Blue, Green, Mustard, Raspberry, Light Grey and Sable.

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Size 1 (20-26cm), Size 2 (26-31cm), Size 3 (28-36cm), Size 4 (35-43cm), Size 5 (39-48cm), Size 6 (45-54cm), Size 7 (50-59cm), Size 8 (55-63cm)


Blue, Green, Mustard, Raspberry, Sable, Light Grey


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