Forthglade Grain Free Complete Meal 395g



Forthglade Grain Free Complete Meal 395g

Forthglade Grain Free recipe’s are nutritionally balanced, gently steamed and include vitamins, minerals, botanicals and yucca extract.  With a minimum of 60% meat for the senior meals and 75% for the Puppy and Adult.

Puppy comes in Lamb with Liver and Chicken with Liver
Adult comes in Salmon with Potato, Duck with Potato, Turkey with Sweet Potato, Lamb with Butternut Squash, Beef with Sweet Potato, Chicken with Liver, Chicken with Butterbut Squash and Sardine with Sweet Potato
Senior comes in Turkey with Butternut Squash and Lamb with Butternut Squash

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Forthglade Grain Free

Puppy Chicken with Liver, Puppy Lamb with Liver, Puppy Duck with Sweet Potato, Adult Beef with Sweet Potato, Adult Chicken with Liver, Adult Chicken with Butternut Squash, Adult Lamb with Butternut Squash, Adult Turkey with Sweet Potato, Adult Duck with Potato, Adult Salmon with Potato, Adult Sardine with Sweet Potato, Senior Lamb with Butternut Squash, Senior Turkey with Butternut Squash


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