Natures Menu 60/40 Nuggets 1kg



Natures Menu 60/40 Nuggets 1kg

Natures Menu Original Range has changed to Complete and Balanced 60/40.  Perfect for all dogs, the 60/40 recipes contain 60% meat and offal, blended with vegetables and brown rice.


Puppy Chicken with Salmon (80% Meat and 20% Brown Rice)
Chicken with Salmon
Lamb and Chicken with Salmon
Fish and Chicken
Tripe and Chicken with Salmon
Beef and Chicken
Tripe, Heart, Liver and Salmon


Additional information

Weight 1.01 kg
Dimensions 21 × 24 × 4 cm

Active, Tripe, Chicken Heart Liver and Salmon, Beef and Chicken, Chicken and Salmon, Lamb and Chicken, Puppy – Chicken, Tripe and Chicken, Fish and Chicken


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