Paleo Plus Lamb & Mint 500g


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Paleo Plus Lamb & Mint 500g Hand made with human grade ingredients of the finest quality. Our Paleo Plus range marries our exceptional quality coarse minces with a meticulously selected range of natural additions.95% High welfare, outdoor reared and grass fed meat, offal and bone with a 5% unique blend of sustainably sourced superfoods, chosen only for their nutritional excellence.Paleo Plus is the next generation of Raw Dog Food….Sure to be another favourite, this single protein mix is another excellent addition to the range. Knowing the importance of organotherapy to dogs (where like feeds like, liver feeds liver, kidney feeds kidney etc), we have used only Grass fed, High Welfare, British and outdoor reared Lamb and included a great range of organs, including liver, lung, kidney, and spleen. We add a little mint which dogs happily self-select for digestion, to boost their immunity and may help freshen their breath! To all of this we add our Berry Good Mix as a powerful nutritional enhancement and you have a truly complete, single protein raw dog food.

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